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Welcome to the online home of the Undercliff Volunteer Fire Company!  It is our goal to bring you critical information and updates regarding the community, this department, and public safety in general. Please check back often for the latest news!

Please note that the most up to date information is posted on our Facebook Page.  Please check there for the latest info.



Congratulations to Mr. James Brown, winner of the 2016 Chevy Camaro!  The winning number was 2471.  He brought his father up with him to claim the prize and you should've seen the smiles!  What a special moment for both them and us.  THANK YOU to everyone who bought tickets and supported us during this years raffle.  All of the money raised allows us to keep the doors open so that we can help YOU and keep YOU safe!  Start saving your quarters now...the 2017 Chevy Camaro raffle will be here before you know it!


RECORD BREAKING YEAR!  In 2015, the men and women of Undercliff responded to 324 emergency calls for assistance

These calls ranged from house fires, building fires, vehicle fires, vehicle accidents, fire alarms, carbon monoxide alarms, odors of gas and other identified substances, and various other calls for assistance. That is the highest number of calls that Undercliff has ever responded to.  

As you can imagine, that took a lot of time, dedication, and sacrifice by our members.  We do not get paid for this.  We leave our families at the dinner table when the pager goes off.  We get out of our warm beds in the middle of the night when the siren blows.  And we do it all because we care and because we believe that public safety should be a top priority in our community.  

We do not get tax money.  We have to do our own fundraisers just to keep the doors open and to keep you safe.  We need your help.  We need members.  And we need your financial support.  Together, we make one team.  We thank the community for their continued support, and look forward to another year of service!


Undercliff VFC is on Facebook!  CLICK HERE to visit our page.  Be sure to "LIKE" it while you're there!  We tend to update the Facebook page more than the website, so be sure to check it out!

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